Danica but you can call me Jen (jens_sims) wrote,
Danica but you can call me Jen

Harleen King is Queen Bee Part 10!

So we join Harleen, our Queen Bee in her secret lair, waiting for her final worker.

She's not impressed. Well too bad, she's gonna have to suck it up.

Harleen: But, but he's a family sim!

He's your last worker, after that no more babies.

Harleen: *Sigh* Fine.

So who is this blond gentleman who Harleen is willing to tolerate?

Why it's Peat Yarn from eleme (who I really miss seeing around :( ). I couldn't resist the Benjamin Long nose and seeing whether it would overpower Harleen's nose. XD

So without further a due, let's take a look at the last batch of spawn.

Download Donna King

Download Emma King

Download Terra King

Download Remy King

Download Kyle King

Download Amora King

Well that's all folks. The Queen Bee has successfully had six children with ten workers each. It was pretty fun and interesting to see the genetics plus it let me revisit the family that got me into the Sims 2 community. Hope you all enjoyed this. :)
Tags: downloads, pixel trade, queen bee
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