Danica but you can call me Jen (jens_sims) wrote,
Danica but you can call me Jen

TPBM: Alien Edition!

Posting two sims for pixel_trade's Person Below Me: Alien edition.

Here's our first visitor: Aceline. She's based on this description by upendoaushi: TPBM will make a shy little child with itty-bitty eyes and mouth, and wants to know EVERYTHING about this brave new world, a la "The Little Prince" style. Purple skin a plus.

Aceline comes all the way from her own little planet to explore our world and she can't wait to see what's in store.

I think she's one of the cutest sims I've made. I hope you like her upendoaushi. :D

Ugh yeah I have no idea how that piece of CC got there, I don't even remember going to that wretched hive of scum and villainy in a long, long time. Feel free to check that off before putting her in your game. :\

Download Aceline with CC

Download Aceline CC-Free

Our next visitor is Aaron, he's based on iolesims's description: "The person below me will make a shy male adult sim with bright large turned eyes, dark hair, low cheekbones and a small mouth."

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Aaron has no outgoing points whatsoever. He'd rather spend the day at home reading a book, or playing the violin, or taking care of his garden.

I wasn't really sure what iolesims meant by "bright eyes" so if I didn't get that part right, feel free to change his eyes in bodyshop or CAS. I hope you still like him though.

Download Aaron (with CC)

Download Aaron (CC-Free)

A couple more cute pictures for the road. ;) Hope you enjoy the sims.
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