Danica but you can call me Jen (jens_sims) wrote,
Danica but you can call me Jen

TPBM: Alien Edition Part 2!

Just one alien this time but I like him and I hope you do too. :)

Meet Joey. He's based on this prompt from laschifosavita: TPBM will create a male teen alien (with pointy ears) that is desperately trying to appear hardcore despite his pink skin and all around non-threatening adorableness.

Ever since he was a kid, Joey has always been picked on for his rather girlish skin color. A couple weeks after starting high school, Joey showed up with his blonde hair dyed black and red, wearing lots of leather, and some face make-up.

He's currently trying to audition for the local punk band as their new vocalist.

But right now, he's still trying to find a way to cover up the freckles.

Despite his insistence that he's hardcore, most of the girls at school still find him cute, especially since he makes faces like that.

Download Joey (With CC)

Download Joey (CC Free)
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