Danica but you can call me Jen (jens_sims) wrote,
Danica but you can call me Jen

Sorry I haven't been around.

Between school work, being sick, and Dragon Age 2 eating my soul I haven't been too productive recently.

I've got a chapter almost ready for The Neilas, I just gotta edit the pictures and write it down. >_>

Haven't played through the Clancys long enough for a full update (DAMN YOU TEEN YEARS) but I'll work on it.

Astrids are still on, Matilda just reached her teen years and I just want to play a little longer before ending the challenge.

Also got inspired by simsforaranya and decided to give the Differences in the Family Tree Challenge a shot. because I'm a glutton for overworking myself I've got enough pictures for a couple updates but I should update my ongoing families first. >_>

The updates for the DitFT family are going to be told from a first-person PoV as journal entries. Kind of like what I did with the Campbells originally. So look forward to that, I like the founder I made for this: he's a sweetheart. :)
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