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Sims 3 Pic Spam

So yeah as I've said before I decided to buy Sims 3 earlier this week. At first it took some getting used it and adjusting. But I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Of course I took some pictures of me trying the game for the first time.

Now I've never mentioned this but my brother and aunt also play the sims and when I started playing I picked up a little tradition of theirs. That with a new version of the game comes a new version of the eccentric wealthy family the Fruitbats. Well these two aren't really wealthy but eh. *Shrug*

Meet husband and wife: Dio and Maleficent Fruitbat... yes they are named after Ronnie James Dio and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. I did say the Fruitbats were eccentric, right up to the names which usually relate to what I want them to do with their lives. ;D

Mal's traits are: Evil, insane, perfectionist, daredevil, and athletic.
Dio's traits are: Virtuoso, good sense of humor, lucky, dramatic, and I can't remember the last one

Mal and Dio's first kid: Tesla Fruitbat. Yes after Nicolas Tesla, yes I intend for her to become an inventor. Starting traits were genius and eccentric.

I'm calling Police Brutality here! Well maybe not brutality but total bullshit! Mal was pregnant with her second kid and still went to work but she was caught by the police and arrested. She spent most of the night in jail and I watched helplessly as her hunger bar got lower and lower.

Thankfully she survived but still you'd think the cops would have fed her. >:|

Another girl. Agatha, perceptive and loves the Outdoors.

Birthday time for Maleficent and Tesla.

Kid!Tesla, new trait: excitable.


Child+Toddler hug. One of the most adorable things ever!

Mostly kept an eye on the adults and the toddler so didn't get a lot of pictures of Kid!Tesla or Toddler!Agatha. Didn't many pics of Teen!Tesla so I'll mention here that her new trait was bookworm.

Child!Agatha, new trait: Computer Wiz (too bad they don't have a computer)

And this was where I got Late Night and Generations. Going on a "submarine adventure", this is the cutest thing ever!

God I love this interaction so much, mainly because of the music that plays. XD

Tesla+Agatha's school decided it would be a great idea for the elementary school kids to go on a field trip to the mausoleum. O_o

Tesla with her boyfriend Teddy. They ended up getting together when she went to the prom. :3

Teen!Agatha, new trait: Shy.

And that's all I've got for this family. Hope you enjoyed that peek into how I've been playing. A couple sims 2 family updates should be coming soon. :)
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