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Sims 3 Person below Me

So I decided play around with the CAS in Sims 3 and made a few sims with PbM prompts from pixel_trade. :)

Meet Tia Rising. She is based on this prompt from ayachan072: The person below me will make an angry teen female alien with bright blue skin, golden blonde hair and bright red eyes. She will have thin lips and large slanted eyes.

Tia is a very grumpy girl, takes everything so dramatically, and she prefers to be alone. She's bit of a klutz but if you dare mention it to her face, she will not be happy.

She loves french toast, pop music, and the color red.

Download Tia Rising
(If you're wondering why the file says Tia Rising1, it's due to me having to save her twice because I screwed something up on her first version >_>)

Next up we've got Shane Decker.

He's based on this prompt from cptnsimdecision: The person below me will make a blue skinned Sim with pale pink eyes and white hair with brightly coloured streaks. He/she will have a long(-ish) and a smile that displays his/her snarky, self-absorbed attitude. Bonus if it's a Sims 3 Simmie.

Shane is big time snarker and a lover of himself. If he thinks he's better than you, he'll be quick to let you know. Although he can be charismatic and quite ambitious, Shane can be a bit over-emotional... but don't tell anyone, the man's got a reputation to keep.

He has a fondness for spaghetti, loves dancing to latin music, and likes the color grey.

Download Shane Decker

Finally we come to my favorite of this bunch. Barney Barington.

He's based on this prompt from iolesims: The person below me will make an alien with bright non-green skin, small eyes, and a large nose who loves books.

Barney is a self-proclaimed bookworm and couch potato though it would be hard to find someone who'd disagree with that description. He is a man who's easy to please and easy to excite. But don't try to wake him up in the morning, Barney's happy in his nice comfy bed and he'll get up whenever he wants to.

His favorite food is cobbler, he enjoys listening to indie music, and he likes the color of sea-foam.

Download Barney Barington
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