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The Daniels Generation 4.0 Part 2 (Part 2 of Part 2)

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River and I went out today, although we spent most of the time at the museum fishing for ideas for the book.

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To be honest, it actually did help out a little.

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But I did feel bad for dragging River around so we went out for lunch afterwards.

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During lunch River and I talked about what I’m going to do after school.

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I told him that I was going to move back in with my folks. While I’d like to think that Ruby Hunter will be a success, I’d rather not take a risk. Plus I’ll take a nice house and warm home cooked meals over a crappy apartment and constant take-out any day of the week.

He wanted to know if mom and dad were okay with him since they haven’t really met yet.

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I assured him that my parents will like him; I talked about him to mom on our last phone call and she promised that she’ll take care of dad if he tries that stupid overprotective dad schtick.


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Oh my god I can’t believe this! So Bim got the mail this morning and when I came down, she said that there was something for me.

It was from the website that was hosting the competition. I WON IN THE ADVENTURE CATEGORY! I ACTUALLY WON! RUBY HUNTER IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!

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I’m just so happy and excited. Keiko and Bim congratulated me. I called up mom, dad, and Brian later in the day and told them about my win and they were all so proud.
I called River after and told him the good news. I had to tell him to stop talking in that “see I told you so” tone.
Just… I’m just in such a good mood right now.


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I haven’t really had much time to write thanks to school but my win has really motivated me to finish my next book before I graduate. I’ll gonna wait a little bit after the first book comes out before submitting this one.


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To celebrate my first book getting published, Keiko, Bim, and I went out for dinner.

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It was fun, we had a toast (though I joked that River beat them to the punch months ago,) we talked about our classes, what our plans are for graduation. Overall it was a nice night.


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So I come home from class and guess what I saw? Bim with a nice shiny ring on her finger.

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I went up to Keiko and asked her if she happened to know anything about that.

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 photo Sims2ep92013-05-1811-00-03-86_zpse201a77d.png
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As I thought, Keiko proposed to Bim earlier in the day.

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I congratulated Keiko. She and Bim have practically been attached since high school, I’m sure that they’ll be happy.

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But with the good news came some bad… okay maybe not really bad news but a little sad. Keiko said that she and Bim were going to leave Gardenfield after graduation. Keiko thinks that there may be a job opening for her upstate and a friend of Bim has a nice house that they can sell them there.

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Like I said, not bad news but just… sad. I mean she’s my twin; we’ve always been together even if a lot of that time was spent arguing.

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But I put on a smile and hugged her and wished her the best of luck.

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Later that night, I thought about a lot of things. About my sister, about my writing, about River… graduation is almost here…


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River and I went on another “inspiration date.”

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We looked some of the sculptures at one of the parks downtown and bounced ideas around.

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Eventually we decided to make it a real date.

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We had dinner at Rodney’s Hideout.

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Afterwards we went to another park; I told River that I had something important to ask him.

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“River… you love me right?”

“Of course I do. Have I been slacking off on my “I love you” quota or something?”

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“Heh, ha. No, no. It’s just… would you love me…”

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“…till death do us part?”

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The look on River’s face was priceless, he was almost speechless.

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But he managed a yes. He looked me and told me that he always wanted to start a family and to have someone by his side until his golden years.

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“I’d… I’d be so happy to have you as that someone.”

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Gotta be honest. At that moment, I felt like I was on top of the world.


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Been a few months, had to take a break from this journal to concentrate on studying. But it paid off cause as of now I am a graduate of GU!

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I wanted to throw a party but decided against it at the last minute. The three of us had a private celebration the night before. I wished Bim and Keiko the best of luck in whatever they’re doing and wherever they’re doing it. Made Keiko promise me that she’ll send invites to her wedding, like hell I was going to miss that.

Also before we all started our study marathons, I finished my second book and sent it to the publisher. Hopefully they'll like it. Well my taxi is arriving soon so I better end the entry quick.

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I’m just going to say that I’m glad I’m done with college and I’m looking forward to coming home.


Writer's Notes:

*I can't remember his personality stats but River is a family sim with the "Reach Golden Anniversary" LTW.

* Keiko and Bim are actually living in a sub-hood but yeah they're not going to be playing major roles in future updates. But don't worry they'll still visit from time to time.

*The contest Kaede entered was originally inspired by NaNoWriMo but I decided to make Kaede's contest a little more competitive I guess?

Sorry for having to split part 2 into two parts but hope you enjoyed this update regardless.
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