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Myshuno! Prompt #1: Family

Myshuno Prompt: Family
Characters: Nellie Daniels, Nelson Daniels, mentions of other family members
Rating: G
Summary: Nellie and Nelson catch up on what’s going on in their lives and Nelson makes a little observation.
Word Count: 613
Notes: Takes place while Oscar and Mila are kids. Small misspellings like “ya” for “you” and “ta” for “to” is supposed to indicate Nellie and Nelson’s accents.

Card can be found here: http://jens-sims.livejournal.com/83073.html

“Nellie! Good ta see ya it’s been a while!”

“Hi Nelson.” Nellie said as her brother pulled her into a hug.

“So what brings ya ta my little farmhouse?”

“Well we haven’t talked with each other in a while and I had ta make a change of plans after a meeting got canceled at the last minute.”

Nelson chuckled at that last bit.

“So all it takes for my sister ta talk ta me is a canceled meeting. Good ta know.”

Nellie swatted at her twin’s arm as the two of them entered the kitchen. She sat down at the table as Nelson started the coffee machine.

“So how’ve ya been Nellie?”

“I’m well. Oscar got his first A+ at the Academy last week. Sterling rewarded him by buying him a telescope. The boy spent almost all night on that thing.”

“Ha, ha, really?”

“Really. Mom had ta practically pull him off the thing ta get him ta go bed. Still I’m glad that the boy has a hobby other than sitting around watching TV all day. So how have y’all been doing Nelson?”

“Mila’s birthday is coming up soon. Can’t believe my little girl is growing up so fast. But other than that there ain’t anything too exciting ta report. My simple life ain’t as thrilling as yours Mrs. Big Shot CEO.” Nelson replied as he grabbed two mugs

Nellie rolled her eyes at her brother’s response.

“My life ain’t that exciting. It’s mostly sitting around listening to old men talk business. Most excitement I’ve had lately is trying ta calm down Oscar and Fido when they’re playing.”

The two siblings stayed quiet until Nelson joined Nellie at the table with mugs of coffee. As Nellie sipped her coffee, she couldn’t help but notice the look on Nelson’s face.

“What’s so funny?”


“Nelson, ya know as well I do that ya get that look on ya face when ya think something’s funny.”

Nelson laughed, “I just think it’s funny how all through high school you were all “I’m gonna move ta the city! I ain’t gonna waste my time looking for a boyfriend…””

“I do not sound like that!”

“Yes ya do but that ain’t my point. My point is despite all that, here ya are. You stuck around because you were worried about mom and dad, you met a guy at college and married him, and then the two of you have a kid who ya proceed to spoil whenever ya can. Ya may not admit it sis, but I swear that ya a secret family sim.”

Nellie stared into her coffee, she thought about what Nelson said and smiled.

“I guess ya right. Even if I didn’t become a farmer, mom and dad still influenced me in a way and looking back on everything, I’m glad that I stuck around.”

Nelson was sort of surprised by his sister’s answer but gave his own smile.

“Yeah I’m glad ya still here. It would be awful boring to not have these little talks and Mila would be lonely without a cousin to play with.”

The two siblings spoke and reminisced for the couple hours. When Lisa returned from the store and Mila came home from school (giving a quick greeting to Auntie Nel before running to her room) Nellie decided that it was time for her to leave.

“Alright sis, ya have a nice night. Promise me that ya and the rest of the family come over for Mila’s birthday.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

As Nellie left her brother’s home, she thought to herself: ‘Secret family sim huh? Heh, well that ain’t too bad of a title I suppose.’
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