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Myshuno! Prompt #2: "This is not how I pictured it"

Myshuno Prompt: “This is not how I pictured it”
Characters: Oscar Daniels, Angie Daniels, mentions of Kaede, Keiko, Brian, River, and Kaede and River’s kids.
Rating: G
Summary: Decades later as an old man, Oscar looks back on his life.
Word count: 491
Notes: Small spoilers for the later Gen 4 updates since there are mentions of Kaede and River’s kids.

Card can be found here: http://jens-sims.livejournal.com/83073.html

“A toast to mom and dad! For raising me and my sister, for taking in Brian, for helping me and River raise York and Jamie, and of course for staying by each other’s side for all these years!”


All the adults brought their glasses together and drank. Oscar looked around and smiled. Angie and Brian complimented Kaede on the toast, Keiko and Bim thanked River for the dinner he cooked for the party earlier, while York and Jamie were dancing by the stereo.

As he watched all of this, Oscar thought about his life, all the choices he’s made, everything that happened to him. He was so lost in his thoughts that Angie tapping on his shoulder caught him by surprise.

“Happy Anniversary lover.”

“Oh! Happy Anniversary to you too Angie.”

Angie immediately noticed something wasn’t right.

“Oscar? Are you okay?”

“Of course I am… I…”

The look on Angie’s face showed that she didn’t quite buy that.

“…Angie, do you mind if we step outside for a moment? Go to the deck?”

“Well alright. Keiko, Kaede! Your father and I are going to get some fresh air for a bit.”

“Sure mom, we’ll call you when everyone’s ready for dessert.” Said Kaede

Angie nodded and the two of them walked upstairs to the deck. As Angie closed the door, Oscar remarked: “This is not how I pictured it.”


“This life I mean. When I got out of high school, I was picturing my life as me being a perpetual bachelor, charming ladies left and right but never tied down. Never did I imagine a wedding, two kids, two grandkids.” Oscar said as he leaned against the deck fence.

“Do you regret it?” Angie asked

“There are a few things I regret. But I don’t regret marrying you. I can’t imagine life without the twins or without York and Jamie. Heh, heh if the me from high school could see me now, he’d be wondering where I went wrong.”

Angie laughed a little at that comment.

“Yeah I can understand what you mean. I always thought that I’d spend the rest of my life in Takemizu. I liked dating but I wasn’t ready for commitment. Nowhere in my life plan was there any mention of a husband, twin daughters, and a Bigfoot.”

“Any regrets?”


Angie placed her hand on her husband’s.

“In fact it may not be what I always pictured but I think it turned out a lot better this way.”

Oscar smiled as he placed his other hand on top of hers, “Yeah I agree.”

The two of them stood there, holding each other’s hands until they could hear York calling them from downstairs.

“Grandpa! Grandma! Dad’s serving the cake now!”

“Well I suppose we should rejoin them, the party is for us after all.” Said Oscar

Before stepping back inside, Oscar gave Angie a small peck on the lips.

“Happy Anniversary Angie.”

“Happy Anniversary Oscar.”
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