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The Daniels Generation 4.1

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Ah home again, home again! Man it feels so good to back here.

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I told mom and dad about how I’ve already gotten started on my professional writing career. They read a little bit of I’ve written (second book gets published in a week) and they still liked them even if it wasn’t really their thing.

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I’m gonna end this entry here because I’m going to spend some time working on my next book. Looking forward to tomorrow since River is going to be moving in.


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So introducing River to my parents went well. Better than I expected actually. Dad looked a little uneasy but mom told me later that it was more “dad upset that his baby girl is grown-up and planning to get married” more than “dad being paranoid about baby girl’s boyfriend.”

Brian was at a show that day and didn’t come til late so introducing River to him would wait til tomorrow.

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Later that night I proceeded to tell River in my best “I told you so” voice that my parents would like him.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0723-28-08-40_zps64e7f91d.png

But in seriousness, I do think River’s gonna fit in just fine with my family.


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Well River met Brian this morning.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0723-38-40-60_zps2b292055.png

Although by “met” I really mean River walked into the kitchen, saw Brian, and screamed.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0723-40-23-72_zps30d7a262.png

I had to go in and calm him down.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0723-41-05-59_zpsd009533a.png

After all that I left the two alone to get to know each other better.


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During dinner last night, dad asked when River and I were having the wedding.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0812-47-37-60_zps47bab5cc.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0812-47-59-66_zps47ae2b29.png

We told my parents that we decided to have the wedding at the end of the season.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0622-15-34-59_zps4afd6948.png

I’m busy with my third book and when I really get in the writing mood I pretty much lock myself up in my room.

So yeah at the rate I’m going I should be done with the book by next month.

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Speaking of my writing, after dinner I got a call from a man named Daryl Platz. He said that he was a literary agent and expressed interest in representing me after reading my latest book. I was half-tempted to say yes but I had heard about scam artists stealing money from newbie writers.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0812-52-58-53_zps8a24a1fb.png

I told him that I would consider his offer but I need talk with him in person and negotiate. I am not an idiot. So we’ve got that set-up. This is going to be an interesting couple months.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-52-29-76_zps3bc02615.png

Alright so I met up with Daryl last week.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-53-31-31_zps29036a41.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-53-11-07_zps71ffc07d.png

I was smart enough to do my research before our meeting and I did find that he has represented other authors in the past and he does seem to have a good reputation. But I was still a little on my guard during our meeting.

In the end I decided to hire him. He seemed like a good guy but if I suspect he’s up to something I’m dropping him.


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YES! I have finally finished Ruby Hunter Book 3.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-22-45-95_zps517b3f62.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-22-50-37_zpscd6a8091.png

Now I just gotta send this bad boy to the editor and then to the publisher! So glad to have finally finish this.


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As of yesterday I am now Mrs. Kaede Daniels. The wedding party was pretty nice. It did feel a little weird to put on the make-up and tie up my hair in a nicer style instead of just letting it poof out.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-41-16-49_zps5b2cf40b.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-41-57-08_zps55dc613a.png

Mom thought that it wouldn’t hurt to get fancy for a special event like this and assured me that I looked wonderful.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-44-51-23_zps53a1261d.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-39-43-35_zps8f8eb2bd.png

When mom and I joined the men in the living room, we witnessed dad chuckling over Brian giving one of his Bigfoot Hugs to River.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-46-00-21_zps1af97a83.png

“So you ready to do this?”

“You bet.”

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-50-13-65_zpsf9569ee7.png

I didn’t have a lot of friends outside my family and River’s got some issues with his parents that he didn’t want to talk about so we only invited Keiko and Bim.

Keiko was a little tired from the trip but she was still happy to be here.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-56-14-22_zpsfc2d400b.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0813-57-01-24_zps2eb397f6.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-01-19-04_zps09e05d8b.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-01-28-51_zps69f8d701.png

Later on Dad made a really nice toast and we had some salad for lunch made by Brian.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-05-06-85_zpsf36ef4ce.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-06-22-22_zps548346d1.png

Then we had the big moment.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-06-52-01_zps4ad1606c.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-07-23-66_zpsa6e4af40.png

River and I said our vows, put on the rings, and became Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-09-00-90_zpsdcc9123d.png

We couldn’t get a good picture but during the cake cutting, I playfully shoved a chuck in River’s mouth. Everyone got a good laugh out of it.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-13-31-53_zpsb6e5cf36.png

At the end of day, we did some dancing.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-23-08-27_zps9f7413e0.png

By the time, night came around, I was feeling pretty spent.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-23-38-81_zps4a691005.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-23-55-96_zpsc03d811c.png

But I wasn’t too tired to have a little fun. All in all, it was a good day.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-39-57-57_zps0eb843db.png

Ugh I think I caught something, I haven’t been feeling well lately.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-40-09-14_zpsbdbd1125.png

I’ve been having trouble holding down anything I eat.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-41-24-09_zps0c70c4a1.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-42-37-28_zps188bf13b.png

I’ve also been feeling super tired lately. I’m actually getting a little worried.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-48-01-33_zps16fc1f12.png

River, being amazing, is assuring me that I’m just overreacting and I’ll feel better soon.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0814-57-36-66_zps7a0dd5eb.png

Well I’m feeling a bit better but not by much. But to cheer me up and get my mind off things, River decided to adopt a dog for me.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-00-21-08_zpsb56bda4c.png

It was a little puppy named Dollie.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-03-43-69_zpsdb026041.png

So far she’s been very sweet and quiet. I admit that I’m more used to big dogs (namely because of that old big dog that my dad owned a long time ago) but I’m sure Dollie will be a nice addition to the family.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-16-48-21_zpsfcb1c7bd.png

I couldn’t sleep last night and I was starving so I decided to have some midnight leftovers. Brian came by to clean out the kitchen.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-16-12-03_zps2b139e33.png

The two of us then started talking, Brian’s been a little worried about me with whatever I’ve got.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-35-38-38_zpsee49ab19.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-39-59-20_zpscc552269.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-40-46-70_zps003734e9.png

I talked about how I’ve been feeling more tired and how I can’t seem to pass by a bathroom without running in and throwing up. Brian commented that the symptoms seemed familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on it.
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-17-49-20_zps4ccd4e3c.png

He advised me to try to visit the doctor as soon as I can.

I’ve known Brian since I was a kid and even if it is a little frustrating that he still treats me like one, it’s nice to know he cares.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-20-29-03_zps68e96390.png

I set up an appointment with a doctor later in the week. For now I’ve been occupying myself by writing down notes for my next book and working on a self-portrait. I plan on hanging it upstairs next to the other portraits.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-22-52-37_zpsfff53b6a.png

Ha this is hilarious, I had to share this! So last night, my family was almost robbed.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-23-29-85_zps717eeeca.png

I say almost because Brian was awake and gardening when the burglar arrived.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-24-16-69_zps79893345.png

The guy took one look at Brian (who I may add wouldn’t hurt a fly) and bolted. The police caught the guy this morning. But this was still just too funny.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-37-45-76_zps81d8b184.png

Just making a quick entry before I leave for the doctor’s. Finally finished up that self-portrait.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-38-23-38_zpscd7bee25.png

As I said before, we’re gonna hang it upstairs next to the portrait of my dad. It’s interesting to look at that wall and see how the family has changed over the years.


 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-43-14-25_zpsa90fd8bf.png

All those symptoms? Turns out I was pregnant. Probably should have seen that coming.

 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-46-19-47_zpsf5dd3786.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-48-17-86_zpsaff06407.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-06-0815-48-54-19_zps57bf084c.png

But at least now we know what we’re dealing with and River’s just over the moon about the fact that he’s gonna be a dad.


 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-41-43-83_zps182fb4b1.png

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Trying to keep myself, writing up the first draft for the next Ruby Hunter book, and my sister had her wedding last month.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-42-28-38_zpsbe5516f7.png

The trip upstate was terrible but it was worth it to see my twin again.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-43-28-62_zps6ea6d625.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-44-27-04_zps7ccb1a40.png

Keiko was also pretty excited to hear that she was going to become an aunt soon.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-45-07-18_zpsd976577d.png

The whole party made me glad that Keiko and I managed to make-up during college. It would’ve been disappointing to miss out on this because of one stupid fight.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-46-19-86_zps25163f32.png

Although I couldn’t resist the urge to tease her when she got distracted and accidently burned some of our food.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-51-15-11_zpsd839d6b2.png

We all tried to be polite about it, though I think dad had a harder time since he got most of the burnt parts.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-55-46-92_zps9f7f75d9.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-55-50-69_zps19f72654.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-55-59-16_zps0b9701db.png

The ceremony itself was very beautiful. Keiko and Bim looked great and I could tell how excited they were to finally put those rings on.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-56-10-57_zps3d1d53e7.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-56-16-56_zps4941e2b4.png

I think mom and I applauded the loudest.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-57-34-26_zpsdb4cb3a5.png

Keiko, always being the serious one, did the whole “feeding your new spouse a piece of cake” thing the less fun proper way.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-58-26-81_zps2ccf6790.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0921-59-13-94_zpsfcbba3ae.png

But the party was still fun and I can’t imagine my sister or Bim with anyone else.


 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0922-26-27-20_zps1df704d0.png

Blegh I feel like a beached whale.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-43-35-22_zps28977459.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0922-27-59-95_zps70872e3a.png

My due date’s getting closer and I’ve been spending most of my time either painting or writing up my next book.

Ruby Hunter & the Son of the Serpent Cult!

Heh, heh I’ll admit that I may have taken some inspiration from my own current situation.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0922-29-46-32_zps581f4920.png

I’ve still been talking with Daryl. He wishes for the best for both me and the baby.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-37-37-11_zps66e04c69.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0922-44-15-58_zps35b69df9.png

Everyone’s all anxious around the house. Everyone’s making sure that I’m okay and I’m comfortable. I do wish they’d all give me some space though.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-42-04-33_zps2ef0cbdb.png

But… I won’t object too much to the back rubs River gives me.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-00-02-69_zps331c7676.png

Anyway I’m gonna end this entry here. Just a little more time and we’ll be saying hello to my new boy or girl.


 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-52-58-98_zps293eb519.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-53-13-28_zps62085700.png
 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-53-43-00_zps15438dca.png

Ugh tired… I’m at the hospital right now, dad brought over my journal so I’ve got something to do while I’m over here. So yeah just gave birth yesterday. The pregnancy itself was a cakewalk compared to the labor.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-57-57-65_zps14a22346.png

But I’m happy to say that the baby is a healthy boy.

 photo Sims2ep92013-07-0923-58-48-88_zps619f89b8.png

It’s a little too early to say what he got from whom but I can tell that he’s definitely got his dad’s eyes and a bit of brown fuzz on his head from me.

River and I talked about baby names a couple months back and we decided that we rather liked the name York if the baby was a boy.

So soon I’ll be coming home with the newest member of our family, York Daniels.


Author’s Note:

*Once again taking liberties with how writing and publishing books work. I’m not a professional writer so I can’t speak from experience. Plus gotta take liberties anyway with how “sims” work.

Anyway that’s it for now, I’ve got another full Daniels update in the wings, I just need the time to work on it. See ya guys soon. :)
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