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Myshuno! Prompt #4: They're Out There

Myshuno Prompt: They’re Out There
Characters: Beverly Fong and her father
Rating: G
Summary: Beverly does some stargazing in her new town.
Notes: Takes place before Beverley met Garrus
Word Count: 239

Card can be found here: http://jens-sims.livejournal.com/83073.html

Beverly smiled as she adjusted the telescope. Even though she and her father had only moved to Stonewell a few days ago, she could already tell that was so much better than the city, especially when it came to stargazing.

“Okay, just one more thing.”

With that, Beverly pulled out a flashlight from her bag, turned it on, and used it with the telescope.

“Hello up there! My name is Beverly Fong of Earth! I wish to come in peace and to learn more about you!”

Admittedly it was a little silly to try to talk to whatever was up there but considering the advanced technology involved with intergalactic travel, you never knew what other gadgets an alien race might have.

Ever since she was a kid, Beverly always believed that sims were not alone. That there had to be life among the stars. Now that she was out of the city and could see the stars clearly, she hoped that finally she could make contact.

“Having any luck sweetheart?”

Beverly turned around to face her father.

“Not yet but the night’s still young.”

“Alright Beverly but don’t stay out too long, we’re going to Stonewell High tomorrow to get a tour of the school.”

Beverly nodded and went back to her telescope.

Even as the night went on with no results, Beverly didn’t give up hope. She was sure that here in Stonewell that she would make contact.
Tags: myshuno, sim_spiration, xenophilia challenge
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