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Myshuno! Prompt #5: Favorite Colors

Myshuno Prompt: Favorite Colors
Characters: York Daniels, Kaede Daniels, River Daniels, Angie Daniels, Oscar Daniels, Brian the Bigfoot
Rating: G
Summary: York asks his family for some help on assignment
Notes: Takes place a few months after the birth of Kaede’s second child so consider this a spoiler. But other than that this is just meant to be a little slice of life kind of moment.
Word Count: 821

Card can be found here: http://jens-sims.livejournal.com/83073.html


At the sound of York’s voice, Kaede stopped loading the dishwasher and looked at her son.

“You need something sweetheart?”

“Can you help me with some homework?”

“Well of course York, having trouble with spelling again?”

The boy shook his head and presented a small paper packet. The cover featured a bunch of smiling kids under a rainbow with the title: True Colors!

“My art teacher gave us this packet. We supposed to do the activity on page 10.”

Kaede flipped over to the page and saw more kids talking to various adults with colored blocks in the speech bubbles.

“Everyone has a favorite color. Ask your friends and your family members what their favorites are and why. So you want to know my favorite color?”

York nodded as his mother handed his packet back and the two sat down at the kitchen table.

“Let’s see… my favorite color… hm… I think I would go with… green.”




Kaede smiled as she looked out the window.

“I guess because the color always reminds me of home. You’ve got all the green grass, the green leaves on the trees, the garden, and of course our house.”

““…reminds her of home.” Thank you mama.”


“Hi Brian.”

Brian stood up and smiled at the young boy.

“Hello York, did you come in here to help me with the garden?”

“Oh no but… um… in school in art class, we’re talking about colors and my teacher wanted us to talk to people about their favorite colors. I asked mama and so now I wanted to know what your favorite color is.”

The old Bigfoot put his hand on his chin and thought about York’s question.

“Hmm… I’m rather fond of the color brown.”

“Is it because your fur used to be that color?”

“Heh, heh, that’s not a bad reason I’ll admit. But mostly I find brown to be a very natural color and that appeals to me.”

““Because it’s a very natural color.” Thanks Brian! I’m gonna look for everyone else now, bye!”


York opened the door to what his family always referred to as ‘the leisure room.’ Grandpa Oscar was on the treadmill and Grandma Angie was working on the pottery wheel.

“Grandma, Grandpa?”

“Hello sweetheart, do you need something?” asked Angie

“Uh… in class we’re talking about colors and I need to ask you about your favorite colors for homework.”

“Our favorite colors huh? I never really thought about it…” said Oscar as he stepped off the treadmill.

York looked almost a little disappointed.

“You mean you don’t have one?”

“Oh no I’m sure I have one I just need to think about it.”

Angie smiled and walked up to her eldest grandson, “Well while he’s thinking about it, I’ll tell you that my favorite color is pink.”


“Well York, before I met your grandfather, I lived in a very faraway land and over there every spring, trees called cherry blossoms would bloom. They had little pink flowers and after a while the wind would blow the petals off. It was always such a beautiful sight.”

““…Cherry blossoms.” Grandpa, do you remember your favorite color now?”

Oscar nodded and smiled.

“Well I don’t have any special reasons for it but I always liked the color yellow because it’s a nice and happy color.”

York wrote down his grandfather’s reason and thanked his grandparents.



River turned around, “Shh. I finally got your brother to go to sleep.”

“Sorry.” York whispered

“It’s alright, let’s step out to talk.”

York nodded and walked out of the room to wait for his father. It didn’t take before River came out, closed the door quietly, and kneeled in front of his eldest.

“Alright kiddo, what did you need?”

“I need to ask you about your favorite color for homework.”

River stood up and pretended to think really hard over the question.

“Easy. Blue.”


“Because I think it’s a relaxing color. Ever look up at a cloudless blue sky and feel like all your troubles are floating away?”


River chuckled and replied, “Y-you don’t need to write all that down. So that all you need?”


“Alright, hopefully you’ll get an awesome grade for this.”


For this activity I asked my momma, daddy, my grandma and grandpa, and our friend Brian about their favorite colors.

Momma said that her favorite color was green because it reminded her of home. Brian said his favorite color was brown because it was a naturoll color. Grandma’s favorite color is pink because she used to live somewhere that had trees called cherry blossums that had pink flowers. Grandpa’s favorite color is yellow because he said it’s a happy color. Then I asked my daddy and he said that his favorite color is blue because it’s relaxing.

My favorite color is red because it’s bright and exsyting.
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