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Myshuno! Prompt #6: Rainbow Skin

Myshuno Prompt: Rainbow Skin
Characters: Arthur Neila, Miranda Neila, and Jack Neila
Rating: G
Summary: “I wanted to get noticed so I decided give myself rainbow skin.”
Notes: Takes place while Jack and Miranda are still kids, also has some vague-ish spoilers for Miranda’s storyline.
Word Count: 475

Card can be found here: http://jens-sims.livejournal.com/83073.html

It started out as a nice quiet Saturday. Most of the kids went out for one reason or another leaving Arthur with just Jack and Miranda. Last he checked the girls were busy with their own interests so he didn’t need to worry too much… until now.

Arthur wasn’t quite sure how to react to the image before him.

In front of the bathroom sink was Miranda with her face and arms covered in various paint colors. From where he stood, Arthur could spot a few paint jars in the sink.

The young girl nervously smiled and said: “Ta-da? I’m rainbow-colored now…”

After a few seconds of silence, Miranda frowned.

“Am I in trouble?”

“Quite a bit but first we need to get you cleaned up.”

After a few minutes Arthur, with some help from Jack, started cleaning up Miranda. As Jack wiped one of her younger sister’s arms she asked, “Why did you put paint on yourself?”

Miranda pouted before answering, “I wanted to get noticed so I decided give myself rainbow skin. Like how ‘Mara got herself green hair.”

Arthur sighed; he knew that Miranda felt lost among her big family and felt that she wasn’t getting the same attention as her siblings. He hoped that he could talk with her about it in the future but he hadn’t expected her to go overboard like this.

For the next few minutes the three of them stayed quiet, eventually Arthur declared that he and Jack had done their best and all Miranda could do was take a bath. But first she was going to help clean up the mess she made in the bathroom.

While Jack took out all the used paper towels, Arthur and Miranda got to work in the bathroom. As the two cleaned up, Arthur decided that this was as good an opportunity as any to talk with his youngest.

“Miri… I understand that you feel a little ignored… but there are better ways to get attention.”

“Like what?” asked Miranda

“Well… maybe there’s some clubs at school that you can join or maybe you could take part in a school play.”

“A play?”

“Acting. It’s like playing pretend but you do it on a stage for a lot of people.”

Miranda seemed to think about the suggestion.

“I guess I could talk to a teacher.”

“Of course and after you take your bath; the two of us can talk about what we can do at home.”

Arthur placed his hands on Miranda’s shoulders and smiled.

“I admit that things have been a little crazy but I promise that I’ll set some time for you and me in the future. Okay Miri?”

Miranda smiled back at her father and nodded.

“Okay daddy.”

“Good. See sweetheart, you don’t need rainbow skin to get noticed. You just need to speak up a little.”
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