Myshuno 2013!

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Yup it's Myshuno time again. Once again I'll be writing drabbles for both The Daniels and The Neilas (I swear I will update the Neilas, I'm working on the next chapter as we speak) so stay tuned. :)
Tony: Gen 4 Heir

Band name? Band name?

So I am still slowly but surely working on the next Daniels update. But I've got some catching up to do since in-game the 5th gen heir has been born.

But said 5th gen heir is the reason for this post. Generation 5 is the rock star generation and I wanted to put in some references to what kind of music this kid is listening to and what's inspiring him. That's where you guys come in, I'd like to hear suggestions for sim related band names and I'm willing to take both good and bad ones. I also won't mind ones that are references to real world bands/singers but I'd like some original ones too.

It's a little thing but I'd like to hear your suggestions. :)
Trucy Clancy

Paranormals Challenge

Okay I think I may finally have the rules down for this thing. I just want to ask your opinions on these and see if there's anything I should add/remove/change.

A big thank you to rocking_kitty for her suggestions regarding rules for a couple of the generations in the last entry (example she came up with the last rule in the last generation). :)

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Trucy Clancy

Hey anybody remember that Paranormals Challenge?

A long, long time ago (specifically a year ago) I had an idea to created a multi-generation challenge based around the supernatural creatures of Sims 2. I posted a in-progress set of rules and... I haven't really done much with them. So I revisited the rule set I made and I want to show you guys. Also maybe get some suggestions since I'm having trouble coming up with rules for certain generations.

Italics = Flavor Text
Bold = Comments from Me

Every town has that story about that one creepy house or the story about that scary old lady down the road. Well that was your house and aside from some cheek pinching Aunt Gertie wasn’t that scary. For as long as you can remember “weirdness” was the family trait. When you grew up, you decided to move to a new neighborhood, start fresh, away from the bizarreness of your family. However as you and your descendants will find out, the family legacy isn’t quite that easy to shake off.

Basic rules:

• Legacy rules apply here.
• No cheating unless for cosmetic reasons (using moveobjects on for decorating) to fix something (like a stuck sim) or under certain circumstances in the generation rules.
• By the end of the challenge, one heir has to have befriended and brought home Bigfoot, build a servo, and/or created a zombie. (The same heir can do all of these or three can do these separately)
• Sims can be sent to college.
• Spouses do not become supernaturals unless they roll the want for it or if they’re being resurrected as a zombie

As I said in the last post with the rules, resurrecting the current or a previous heir (besides the founder) as a zombie will count for the zombie that has to be made.

Generation 1: The Normal One

You were the only one among your siblings who wasn’t strange in some way. But now you’ve moved out of that mansion and you’re ready to start a happy, NORMAL life.

• Founder cannot be transformed into any supernatural, if they end up turning into a vampire or plantsim or such, buy the cure as soon as you can. They are also not to be resurrected as a zombie. Same for the founder’s spouse even if they roll the want.
• Founder cannot create a servo, move in Bigfoot, or create a zombie.
• Founder cannot take a job in the natural scientist, paranormal, or adventurer careers.

I'm half-tempted to also include Law Enforcement and Oceanography onto this list considering that the former ends with your sim becoming a super hero and the later ends with your sim becoming a servant to a god. What do you guys think?

Generation 2: Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

You never understood your parents’ obsession with normality. Why would you want to be normal when you can make food appear out of thin air or make sims think they’re chickens?

• The heir has to become a witch/warlock by the time they are an adult
• Make a secret room for the book and cauldron (you don’t want someone to get into those do you?)
• Max out goodness or evilness, or achieve neutrality

I feel like there needs to be another rule or two for this generation. Anyone have any suggestions?

Generation 3: I Touch Roses

Even though you were fascinated by your mother/father’s magic, your interests were more down-to-earth.

• The heir has to become a plantsim
• Heir cannot get a job. They have to make money via gardening either by just selling the plants or running a business selling the harvested plants.
• Have at least one plant baby
• Plant babies cannot be the next heir

Yeah I decided to go with the "plant babies cannot be the next heir" rule. I just thought it would've been too easy since they get all their parent's skills.

Generation 4: Bela Lugosi’s Dead

It was tough being a night person while having a plantsim for a parent. But now you have access to the nightlife and some new friends.

• Heir has to become a vampire, if they’re vamped when they’re a teen either send them to college or cheat them to adulthood a week after they’re vamped.
• Heir can only marry a downtownie. (The count or countess that turned them is acceptable)

This one I'm having problems with. If anyone can give me some suggestions that would be great!

Generation 5: Bad Moon Rising

Growing up with your parents gave you an appreciation for the night. As you got older you also found yourself with a love for physical activity and for dogs, especially wolves.

• Heir has to become a werewolf
• Heir has to max out body and have full hobby enthusiasm for sports and fitness
• Werewolves cannot eat any dessert, garden salad, or drink any fruit and vegetable juice while in their wolf form
• Adopt at least two dogs or wolves

Generation 6: We Are Not Alone

On the surface it seemed that you were totally normal. But you always had this odd obsession with outer space and aliens.

• Use a cheat or modded telescope to get the heir abducted.
• If the heir is female, use cheats or mod to get her alien!pregnant
• Must have at least three alien children
• The heir can get married but any children from this marriage cannot become the next heir
• Because the heir is going to be spending a bit of time pregnant, they cannot hold a job, they have to make money through gardening, painting, and/or crafting.

Generation 7: We Come in Peace

You always knew you were different. You were always teased and made fun of by the kids at school. But you’re ready to show them that you are a better person and are ready and willing to help.

• Get a job in and reach the top of the law enforcement, medical, education, military, politics, or intelligence career paths.
• Make friends with fifteen sims outside your family

Still want a few more rules for this final generation. Again I am open to suggestions.

Once again if you guys can help me out here I would be happy. :)
Don't Cry

Hey guys

I'm so sorry that I disappeared for a while. I've just been distracted by holidays, other games, classes starting again, and without going into too much detail my personal life took a sharp turn recently.

I know I said I was going to post the next Daniels update last month and I was working on it... Until my computer restarted itself in the middle of the night to install updates and I ended up losing what I wrote so I was not in the mood to dive back in.

I can't really say when I'll be well and truly back but I'm not quite dead yet just busy. I know you guys can be patient and I thank you for that. :)
Adam Campbell


I know I haven't updated either the main journal or maple_coast in a while but I'm done with classes this week so hopefully I can post up the next Daniels update soon and get off my lazy ass and post the next couple Maple Coast updates.

In the meantime: allthingsimlish is having their annual Holiday Love Meme. You can find me right here.

I don't think I'll come up with any holiday side-stories with the Daniels or Neilas but I'll think of something. :)